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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Artificial Light
Charcoal, conte, pastel & colored Pencil
by J.A.S.
May 16,2008

My wife is an expert grocery shopper & coupon clipper
As a consequence I get to spend alot of time waitng outside of stores.
Because I can only stand so much waiting in the stores
& she takes forever.
I have to give her credit, she certainly does cut down the grocery cost.
This setting is a real shopping center near my home.
This is one of my impressions of it.
I did this on a cold, rainy, overcast day while waitng for her.
When I was done all I could do on site,
There had been this Asian man probably just a little older than me,
sitting on a bench perpendicular to mine, we had exchanged smiles, and we seemed to feel comfortable in each other's company, even though there was a considerable language barrier, and it was obvious that we were both sitting outside in the drizzle, waiting for someone to finish shopping.
He seemed pretty curious about what I was doing, but from his seat he not could see my drawing.
This is one of those like really cool things that happen when your out in the neighborhood meeting people in passing and making small talk.
Any way......
As I was obviouly closing shop putting away my pencils and folding my sketch pad, he made it clear that he wanted to see it.
I still had my thumb on the page
and I reopened to this sketch and held it up for him to see.
He looked at the sketch and then at the subject and made it obvious that he liked the style, and I think I made a new aquaintence.
and maybe even a new customer
Copyright © 2008
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Blogger Allison said...

Aslan Your work is incredible! I'm so impressed with your talent,how God has blessed you..The colors are so vibrant and extrordinary,love the story behind it,& us women always take our time shopping:)
Excellent piece of work!
You are truly Artisticly gifted!!

June 1, 2008 at 7:54 PM  
Blogger Aslan said...

Thank you Allison, For that lovely
commewnt. and yourwoderful encouragement

June 1, 2008 at 10:20 PM  

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