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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cherish the Time it is Never Enough

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jake's Impression of Quarzite Arizona

My Stepson's (Jake's) Impression of
Quartzite, Arizona U.S.A.
Now there is a real story behind this particular drawing
and I'm not quite sure where to start.
His mom and I met late in life,
but it was also about the time that Jake took stock in his life
and started into the process of becoming a self reliant
& self defined man of his own. I am gifted by God
because both of my stepsons are
intelligent, artistic, and wonderful young men
Jake knows I am into art
and he is a naturally gifted sketch artist
and like his brother and I,
he has never taken an art class
beyond what is offered in a public high school education
This is Father's Day, June 15th, 2008
today the only one of my children who contacted me and
wished me a happy Father's Day was Jake
Now there are reason's why the others haven't contacted me.
My two stepdaughters are being held captive
in Louisiana by a demon possessed father
and I have only have a natural born son
who was given up for adoption
and we just met each other this last November
Because he had sought me out
He is a wonderful handsome young man
with whom I am looking forward to sharing
a wonderful longterm relationship,
providing Our God is merciful
and will forgive an ignorant childish sinner such as me.
But right now it is complicated for him
and I understand that he must feel conflicted.
Back to Jake: one day when he visited he brought
this wonderful little sketch of this place Quartzite
He is a trucker, and he had a layover in this small town
He said he knew I liked art on the walls,
(especially origenal art) so he drew this little scene
and gave it to us his next visit,
My wife, Jake's mom is delighted that we get on so well
And I feel absolutely privileged to have
these young men in my life
because God gave me the good sense to marry thier mom
One of my spiritual mentors
thought that it was a very unwise move at the time
Well the story doesn't stop here.
We live in Baltimore,
and all my wife and watch is PBS
Now I know all the fashionable rich little
yuppies say that all the time
as they got thier cable tuned to MTV or ....
In the case of my wife I, it is the God sworn truth
We don't have cable at least not yet
we still have an antenna TV
Just got color a year ago or so
Anyway when Maryland Public Televuision
is showing thier regular schedule we pretty much have it on
Instead of running infomercials and begging for money
and showing "once in a life time programming"
for the 100th time
When (in my opinion) they would probably do better
showing their good and sound programs
like Nova, MasterPiece Theater, Bill Moyers, Frontline and Brit Coms
No they run Roy Orbison's once in a lifetime b&w concert
so many damned times I could play the guitar riffs myself
and I haven't picked up aguitar in 20 years or better
I don't want to pick on R.Orbison,
Maryland Public TV runs a whole group
of infomercials and other
once in a lifetime specials in the ground
At times like this my wife and I just tune out of PBS
and listen to books on tape or CD
or even get some real work done sometimes
PBS's regular schedule
features a show called "The Desert Speaks"
A very good and informative show
I would recommend to any viewer
interested in exploring mysteries
the deserts of our planet have to offer.
Once we were watching "The Desert Speaks"
and they were in Quartzite, Arizona
And my stepson did a fine job of representing
the exact scene hat this episode started with.
Including the truck and trailor appearing
right where they are in Jake's drawing
I don't know if he was there
at the time they filmed the show or what but
Thanks for the Father's Day wish Jake,
You made my day

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thank You Blue Dreamer

Monday, June 2, 2008


charcoal on 81/2" x 11" paper
by JAS
I could write a book about what this drawing means to me.
I feel such mixed emotions about the conditioning of our children,
and the focus of higher education the world over


Sunday, June 1, 2008


Artificial Light
Charcoal, conte, pastel & colored Pencil
by J.A.S.
May 16,2008

My wife is an expert grocery shopper & coupon clipper
As a consequence I get to spend alot of time waitng outside of stores.
Because I can only stand so much waiting in the stores
& she takes forever.
I have to give her credit, she certainly does cut down the grocery cost.
This setting is a real shopping center near my home.
This is one of my impressions of it.
I did this on a cold, rainy, overcast day while waitng for her.
When I was done all I could do on site,
There had been this Asian man probably just a little older than me,
sitting on a bench perpendicular to mine, we had exchanged smiles, and we seemed to feel comfortable in each other's company, even though there was a considerable language barrier, and it was obvious that we were both sitting outside in the drizzle, waiting for someone to finish shopping.
He seemed pretty curious about what I was doing, but from his seat he not could see my drawing.
This is one of those like really cool things that happen when your out in the neighborhood meeting people in passing and making small talk.
Any way......
As I was obviouly closing shop putting away my pencils and folding my sketch pad, he made it clear that he wanted to see it.
I still had my thumb on the page
and I reopened to this sketch and held it up for him to see.
He looked at the sketch and then at the subject and made it obvious that he liked the style, and I think I made a new aquaintence.
and maybe even a new customer
Copyright © 2008
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Denise Sleeping

Denise Sleeping
Charcoal on 9"x12" paper
by JAS
March 12, 2008
Art Journal:
This is obviously just a quick Sketch,
But some of my friends liked it.
So I figured I would post it.
It is my wife,
who was still snuggled in when I got up that day.
She doesn't like it, she says I made her nose too pointy.
Oh well, maybe I did a little.
I hope you all like it.
It is a pretty fair likeness actually.

Matisse's 1st Oil - Stratemeyer's 1st watercolor

My first watercolor inspired by matisse's first oil
by JAS

Raven in Flight - Charcoal

Raven in Flight - Charcoal
by JAS

Denise Lounging

Denise lounging
by JAS

Friday, April 18, 2008


The Cat is in the Mail
by JAS
Summer 2006


First Impression
Spring 2008

Monday, December 3, 2007

Award Frenzy Strikes Again

This Good Buzzz Award was passed on to us by Colin, a.k.a.
The Good Buzzz Blog Award is for blogs that have generated a happy hum in the blogosphere. Whether it be for their blog in general, one outstanding, unusual or controversial post, or for something cool the blogger has done. Or even for recognizing some promising, brand-new blogs and Colin has
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